Can Fleas Drown

More than 90 percent of people have a negative reaction to being bit by a flea. When flea season is in high swing and you notice the little bugs in or around your home, you are likely to take action immediately. However, how do you choose the proper treatment method? There are poisons, natural remedies and the option to hire a professional service. Each of these options has their pros and cons, but which is right for you?

Most of the flea population that is in or around your home will be in their adult stage of life, which means that you must begin to handle the problem to kill the other fleas prior to them reaching this stage. How? For most people, this will be done with a combination of treatments. Some of these options for ridding your home and yard of fleas include:

  • Grooming and bathing your pet
  • Cleaning your home
  • Using flea repellants

Each of these steps will help to successfully eliminate your flea problem.

Attempting to drown the fleas can be the best solution in some situations, especially when dealing with an infestation in a kitten that is too young for other flea medications. An example of this is in the video above.

There is no question that your flea infestation likely began with your pet. They travel on the skin of the animal and can then infest your home and yard. Your first line of defense is to wash your pet. While fleas do not have lungs, like other animals, they do have to have oxygen in order for their muscles to work. A flea has been observed living on the top of a water glass for weeks, so while they can drown, how does it actually happen?

The key to successfully drowning the fleas that are present on your pet is to add soap. Lather the animal well and allow the lather to sit on the pet for a period of at least five minutes. After this, the fleas that are present on your animal should be eliminated. This process may have to be repeated several times since there are also likely to be some eggs, or immature fleas that are not eliminated with this method during the first application.

If you truly want to rid yourself, your pet and your home from fleas, it is imperative you use a combination of efforts to eliminate the problem. While fleas can be drowned, it is a fairly difficult process and nearly impossible to do in the interior or exterior of your home. Since this is true you should be sure to keep you pet clean, and prevent a flea infestation by utilizing other methods.

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