Can Fleas Lay Eggs In Human Hair

Fleas in Human Hair

When it comes down to the fact whether or not people can get fleas, the short answer is yes! However, human is not their preferred dietary needs. The fact is though, if there are no animals present in your home, they will settle on your skin and in your hair. This is why it is crucial that you protect yourself, even if your home is sans pets.

When it comes to finding a meal, fleas are opportunists. Not only can you succumb to flea bites, you can also be a convenient mode of transport for these pests. The most common type of flea that is found on humans is the Pulex Irritans. These fleas can create very painful areas of inflammation on the skin when they bite, which is only intensified if you suffer from any type of allergies. The fact is that a female flea has to have a constant supply of blood in order to lay eggs, which means that if pets are not present, they will settle for human hosts.

Fleas are known to enjoy the protection and warmth that is provided for the fur on cats and dogs. This means that human hair is the perfect nesting area for a major flea infestation. In most cases, a human is not completely covered with hair, like cats and dogs, which means that unless the flea lands on your head to begin with, you are not likely to be present in your head. Even if they do make their way to your hair, proper hygiene, such as a hot shower, will eliminate their presence and hinder their ability to come back.

There are several cases where a person may experience constant fleas in their hair. This usually occurs if you allow your dog or cat to sleep on your bed. This is only increased in likelihood if you are aware of a current flea problem. The fact is that no matter how much you love your pet, there has to be a line drawn at some point, especially if you are aware of an existing flea issue.

While it is unlikely that fleas will “set up shop” in your hair, it is not completely unheard of! If you know your pet or home has fleas, it is important to take steps to eliminate them to prevent them from not only biting you, but also living in your hair. With simple flea control products, proper hygiene and common sense, you can eliminate the chance of fleas being present in your hair or your home.

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