How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Bed

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As human beings, we know that fleas will often migrate onto our pets’ coats and cause them all manner of trouble. However, when those same leaping insects make their way into our own beds, it can be a little embarrassing. However, there’s nothing to be gained from dwelling on the fact your room has fleas: be proactive and flush them out straightaway. If you don’t act immediately you can end up with itchy flea bites that last for days.

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Steps To Take

Wash Your Sheets

If you catch things early and the infestation is limited to the sheets, putting them through a hot cycle in the washer and dryer should kill off any living fleas and prevent eggs from hatching[1]. If the nasty pests have made their way down to the mattress, it’s time to get out the vacuum and suck them back up. Be sure to empty the vaccuum bag afterwards, or they’ll just climb right back out.

Confine Your Pet To Their Own Bed

It’s a beautiful image, waking up as the sun spreads across your room and your darling puppy nestles up in the sheets next to you. In reality, your flea problem will certainly have begun with your fluffy companion – don’t let them in your bed if you want to prevent a larger problem.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Bed_fleacures

Flea Powder

While vacuuming, it may help to also use a flea powder, so long as it’s one that is safe for use on bedding and which contains no toxic chemicals. One of the best natural products available is Natguardian Cat Flea and Tick Powder.

Flea Bombs

If your infestation is truly out of control, it may be time for more desperate measures. Flea bombs are highly toxic and may require an entire household evacuation while it gets to work. While this will certainly kill off any fleas in the area, the toxic exposure and inconvenience mean this should only be considered a last resort[2].

What Not To Do

Use Toxic Chemicals

Other than the flea bomb strategy outlined above, do not apply anything toxic directly on to your mattress. Do not spray bug spray or anything similar on your bed as it can lead to serious health issues. Here is how to get rid of pests at home.

Keep the vacuum bag inside

As mentioned, if you vacuum without getting rid of the bag, the fleas will just crawl out of the bag and reignite the infestation. An alternative strategy would be to put a flea collar inside the vacuum bag. This should help to kill the eggs, larvae and grown fleas that you vacuum up. A highly recommended collar to use in your vacuum is the Zodiac Flea and Tick Collar.

Ignore your pet

Since the infestation almost certainly began with man’s best friend, if you want to fully eradicate the problem then you should take serious steps to remove any fleas and larvae from your pet’s skin, fur and bedding.




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