Kill Fleas In Dryer

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There is no question that fleas come into your home on the fur and hair of your pets. They can then survive in the soft surfaces of your bedding and carpet and be extremely difficult to get rid of. If you want to eliminate all of the fleas from your home, you will need to kill as many of the pests as possible by treating your floors, washable linens in addition to your pets.

A natural way to eradicate the presence of fleas from your home is to wash the fabrics of your home in the washer and then use the dryer, on high heat, to dry them. This process can work for clothes, bedding and any other type of washable fabric.

Instructions to Use the Dryer to Rid Your Home from Fleas

In order to successfully use your washer and dryer to remove fleas from different cloths in your home, you need to follow these steps:

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Step 1: Wash the fabric.

You need to wash each of the different fabrics with the absolute hottest water possible that the specific item can tolerate, with your regular detergent. This will help to be sure that any eggs or fleas are removed before the items go into the dryer. This will help to increase the potential that all of the fleas will be killed during the washing and drying cycle.

Step 2: Place the wet clothes in the dryer.

Once the washer is done, place the damp items into your dryer and set it on the highest heat setting that is available as par. Keep in mind, this may cause some shrinkage to certain types of fabric, however the dryer must be hot in order to kill the eggs, as well as the fleas that are present in the fabric. Here is a guide of products that will help with care for your clothes.

Step 3: Run the dryer cycle.

You have to allow the dryer to run on a full cycle, on the hottest setting in order to ensure that all of the fleas and eggs were killed. If the fabric is still damp, at all, chances are you will still have fleas and eggs present.

Using these three steps you can easily kill fleas, as well as eggs with a washer and dryer cycle. This will help to eliminate the flea problem that you experience at your home and allow you to save you and your pet from the frustration of bits and irritation from flea bites.

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