Can Fleas Lay Eggs On Humans

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Each day, an adult female flea can lay between 11 and 46 eggs. These eggs are likely to be distributed among many different surfaces in your home, including your pets, in the carpeting and bare floors, in your bed, closet, under furniture and a number of other areas that may have never crossed your mind. Outside may be even worse. They are found almost everywhere, but primarily concentrated in areas where cool and damp soil is present. With the average flea able to live up to a year and a half, with the potential to lay almost 50 eggs a day, it is no mystery how quickly a small flea problem can turn into a big one.

Fleas on Humans

When it comes to fleas in your home, most likely you either have cat or dog varieties, with the cat type being the most common. When it comes time to lay eggs, female fleas prefer an area that is not open to exposure to the elements, such as your skin. This is why it is rare to have flea eggs laid on your skin, however not completely unheard of.

If fleas do find their way to your hair, egg distribution is possible. The good news is that even on the rare occurrence that flea eggs do get laid on your body, they will likely fall off soon. Unlike other insect eggs, flea eggs are smooth and soft. They are also dry, instead of sticky like many other types of eggs.

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The Appearance of Flea Eggs

A flea egg is a tiny, nearly invisible white egg. In most cases they will be mixed with what is known as flea feces, which appear to be black and white peppering’s on surfaces of your home, as well as the pet’s fur. One of the most frustrating aspects of flea eggs is the fact that they are not easily destroyed by insecticides and disinfectants.

While it is possible for fleas to lay their eggs on humans, it is rare. With a lack of options, such as pets in your home, they may settle for this home. If you notice fleas, take action right away, as this is the best way to prevent the problem from becoming worse. Treatment to rid your homes of fleas includes treating your pet, proper hygiene and treating your home with flea killers. Keep in mind, the total flea population of your home at any given time is flea eggs, which means that you need to act quickly to keep from experiencing a serious infestation.

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