Cedar Oil Fleas Remedies: Does Cedar Oil Kill Fleas?

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If you just spotted some fleas on your dog or cat, you want a quick and effective solution to get rid of them.  However, if you’re like many pet owners, you may feel a bit nervous about the safety of using some of the over-the-counter flea treatments for your kitty or pup.  Perhaps you’ve heard about cedar oil fleas treatments. You may be wondering whether using cedar oil is actually a safe and effective alternative.  If so, continue reading! We’ll help you learn more about using cedar oil to decide if it is the best option for your pet.

Cedar Oil Fleas Remedies:  Does Cedar Oil Kill Fleas?

Does cedar oil kill fleas?

Cedar oil is an effective flea killer.  If your dog is dealing with a flea infestation, a cedarwood oil fleas treatment can help get him flea-free and comfortable again quickly. 

One way cedar oil works to kill fleas is through dehydrating them.  When fleas contact cedar oil, the oil pulls moisture away from them. After a while, the flea will dry out and die.

Cedar oil can work especially quickly on flea eggs, larvae, and pupae.  When fleas in these stages come into contact with cedar oil, it can actually dissolve them.  This is important, since the flea infestation won’t continue if the new flea eggs can’t hatch.

Another reason cedar oil for fleas on dogs is effective is that it can stop fleas from breathing.  As the flea tries to prevent the cedarwood oil from penetrating their skin, they close the openings on the skin.  These skin openings are where fleas breathe from. So, by closing them off to stop the cedar oil from getting in, they’ll eventually suffocate and die.

Cedar Oil Fleas Remedies:  Does Cedar Oil Kill Fleas?

How do you use cedar oil for fleas?

There are a few different ways you can use cedar oil for fleas on cats or dogs. 

One option is to make your own cedar oil flea repellent spray (we’ll share a recipe below).  Once you have made a flea repellent spray, you can spray it on your pets to kill the fleas and prevent new fleas from joining the infestation.  When using a spray, avoid getting any on your pet’s face or other areas they may lick. You don’t want your pet to ingest the spray.  You should also consult with your veterinarian before using essential oils with your pets, particularly cats, since some pets can have an adverse reaction.

A cedarwood oil spray can also be used on other surfaces of your home to get rid of your flea infestation.  Spray bedding and other soft surfaces where fleas may be hiding to clear them out so they don’t try to jump back on one of your pets.

You may also consider diffusing cedar oil in your home to help get rid of fleas.  When you diffuse cedar for a few days before trying a topical cedar oil spray on your pet, they’ll become familiar with the smell of cedar.  Since dogs and cats have a very sensitive sense of smell, they may be overwhelmed if a cedar oil spray is used on their fur before they have a chance to get used to its scent.

Cedar Oil Flea Spray Recipe

While you can purchase cedar oil flea sprays, making your own is actually really easy. 

You’ll just need:

To make a cedar oil flea spray:

  • First, add 8 ounces of the purified water to the bottle. 
  • Then, pour in 8 ounces of white distilled vinegar. 
  • Add 10 drops of cedarwood essential oil. 
  • Shake the spray bottle to ensure all the ingredients are fully mixed. 

You can use this spray on furniture, bedding, curtains, and baseboards around the house.  You can even (carefully) spray some on your pet, if your vet has cleared using topical essential oil treatments.

Cedar Oil Fleas Remedies:  Does Cedar Oil Kill Fleas?

Cedar Is Effective Against Fleas

When you’re looking for natural flea control options, cedar oil is a top option to consider.  Fleas dislike the scent of cedar oil and will stay away from your dog, and any fleas that are already on your dog will dry up and die quickly.  You can learn more about pet safe essential oils for fleas on our blog.

Are you ready to give cedar oil a try to prevent your dog from getting fleas or get rid of that pesky infestation your poor pup is dealing with?  


Is cedar oil toxic to dogs?

While some natural flea remedies can be harmful to dogs, cedar oil is generally seen as a safe treatment option. 

Is cedar wood bad for dogs?

Cedar wood is found in many products for dogs, such as doghouses and dog bedding.  For most dogs, cedar wood does not pose a health concern.  However, ingesting cedarwood is not good for dogs.  While the wood is non-toxic, digesting any wood can be harmful for a dog.  So, you should avoid dog beds with cedar filling, cedar mulch, and other cedar wood products if your dog is a chewer.  Some dogs are allergic to cedar and may develop rashes from sleeping in a cedar-filled dog bed.

What happens when a dog eats cedar?

Most cedar wood is not toxic to a dog, so eating cedar wood likely won’t be fatal.  However, it is not good for a dog to ingest any types of wood, and your dog still may become ill after eating cedar.  Additionally, wood pieces or mulch can have sharp edges, which could damage a dog’s throat or mouth.  There is one cedar tree species that is toxic to dogs, however, and you should avoid having it on your property.  The white cedar tree, which is also sometimes called chinaberry, China ball, paradise, Persian lilac, pride of India and Texas umbrella, and Japanese bead tree, can be fatal to dogs if ingested.

Do dogs like the smell of cedar wood?

People have differing opinions regarding whether dogs like the smell of cedar wood.  Some think dogs may find the scent to be very calming, while others don’t think dogs love the scent.  However, regardless of how dogs feel about the scent, fleas and ticks absolutely hate it, which can make cedar oil quite effective at keeping them away from your pup.

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