Does Frontline Even Work

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There has been a lot of debate over the years about the popular animal flea treatment Frontline. Many people claim that they have experiences of Frontline not working on their pets. This type of flea treatment has been around for years and is used monthly to kill already existing fleas, eggs, and prevent more fleas from infesting cats and dogs. Fleas are a really big issue with animals, and once there are a handful of fleas on the pet, pretty soon there will be thousands. Fleas will not only stay on the pet, but they will quickly become a very big issue inside of your house. Some of the most common causes of Frontline not working are:

  1. The medication is not applied correctly.
  2. The proper amount of medication is not used.
  3. The pet could have been exposed to water too soon after applying the medication.
  4. The pet may have an allergy to the medication.
  5. The flea problem could be too severe.
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If you have had a negative experience with Frontline not working on your pets, it is important to talk to the veterinarian as soon as possible about the problem. Flea problems can quickly get out of hand, so if you notice your pet has been scratching uncontrollably, a new medication might be needed. A vet should be able to discuss with you why the medication might not be working and offer solutions for you and your pet. No one wants to see their pet suffer from fleas. Fleas can make an animal very miserable because fleas will bite them constantly causing a lot of discomfort. There is hope though. There are many other kinds of flea treatments that might work better for your pet.

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