How Long Do Flea Eggs Live

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If you have an indoor pet, chances are that you have or had fleas in your home at one point or another. These tiny little pests will eat at your skin just as much as they do to your animals. Once one flea is spotted, it can seem like instantaneous multiplying of them. This is due to the fact that one, single female flea is able to produce hundreds of eggs each month.

One of the most likely areas to begin the flea war is on the fur of your pet. While fleas will jump and move about your home, they will settle back on your pet to breed and lay eggs. This is why you must attack the source and make your pets fur an unwelcoming environment for the flea.

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However, your pet will not be the only home of flea eggs. Unlike many parasites, the flea egg is not stick, which means that they may fall off of your pet onto the soil surrounding your home or the bedding, floorboards and carpet in your home. The flea egg can take from a few days to a few weeks to hatch. This time period is dependent on the surrounding environment. If untreated, these eggs can remain in place for two weeks. This means that just when you think you have eliminated the problem, a new batch of baby fleas emerge.

In order to combat this frustrating cycle, you must treat all areas of your home and pets. Some of the ways you can remove fleas from the fur of your pet include:

  • Washing your pet with specialized flea shampoo or soapy water and allowing it to lather for at least five minutes;
  • Purchasing a flea collar to prevent the fleas from returning to your pet.

Once you have eliminated the “safe haven” for the fleas on your pet, you can begin to treat your home and yard to get rid of any stragglers.

  • Purchase a fogger designed to eliminate fleas;
  • Hire a professional service to take care of your problem.

The fact is that ignoring a flea problem will only increase the issue. Taking action right away will ensure that you eliminate the problem for good and that your flea problem is eradicated for good. This includes treating any animals you have, as well as the interior and exterior of your home for these pests.

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