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Having fleas in your home can be a complete nightmare. To make the situation even worse, you have a wide array of different options to treat the problem, which will leave you feeling frustrated. While natural methods are suggested for households with children or pets, they may leave you less than satisfied with the results. The fact is that no matter what you use, you want the fleas gone as soon as possible. If you have done some research, chances are you have seen that borax is an effective substance to rid your home of flea infestations. While this may be true, you should be aware that it can be an extremely toxic substance for both humans and cats.

The Difference in Borax and Boric Acid

No matter what you may have heard, both Boric acid and Borax contain boron, which in small amounts can boost the immune system and promote bone growth. In most cases, boric acid is usually mixed with hydrochloric acid, or another strong chemical that will increase its toxicity level. This is why it is crucial that you are extremely careful with this substance if you have cats or children in your house.

How Borax Kills Fleas and Important Safety Tips

The fact of the matter is that Borax works great for flea control. The power has not real small and will not be absorbed by the skin if you touch it. It kills the fleas that are present by making small cuts in the flea’s exoskeleton and dehydrating them, which eventually results in their death. Additionally, it can be used to prevent the eggs from hatching and the larvae from turning into adult fleas.

You should keep in mind that sense borax is a natural occurring substance; it is considerable safe for you home. Borax is somewhat less toxic than most of the other insecticides that are used to kill fleas. However, there are still some safety tips that should be observed if you are using this product for flea control.

  • You should not use any form of Broate if you are pregnant;
  • Borax should not be used around cats, as it can cause breathing problems and fatalities with extended use;
  • Be sure that you do not put the substance on wet or damp carpets as it can cause discoloration and damage;
  • Keep out of reach of children, as it can cause problems if consumed;
  • Never place the substance directly on pets as it can cause significant health problems, especially for cats;
  • Do not scatter the powder around your home as it can cause skin irritation, as well as other allergies.

Killing Fleas with Borax

In order to effectively kill fleas with borax powder, you should use the following three steps, which include:

  1. Sprinkle the borax powder in the areas where you have any problem with fleas;
  2. Brush the carpets with a stiff brush in order to allow the borax powder to get down into your carpet fibers;
  3. Allow the powder to sit for at least six hours and then vacuum the carpet.

Remember, you also must treat your pets for fleas, however not with borax, as this will cause them health problems.

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Cats and Borax

As stated above borax can cause respiratory problems in cats, especially kittens, as they are closer to the ground. It may also cause problems for your cats if ingested. Since cats naturally like their hair, the borax in your home can cling to the hair and then be ingested by the animal, causing significant problems if a large amount is consumed by the animal.

Some of the warning symptoms of borax poisoning in cats include muscle weakness, vomiting, diarrhea and seizures. The good news is, that the effects of borax in your cat can be neutralized with activated charcoal.

While borax is an effective method to treat fleas, it can cause substantial damage and health problems for your cats. To avoid these problems, use the tips for safely using borax in your home for flea control.

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