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There are a vast amount of flea killing chemicals and products that have flooded the market. However, if you are seeking a more natural method to eliminate fleas from your home, and pet, is with the use of water. Water is the “natural enemy” of fleas. If you have ever wondered if fleas can swim, the answer is simple: no. They are unable to swim and will drown when exposed to water.

While a flea may try to paddle when it finds itself in water, it is not a natural swimmer. When the flea becomes submerged it will quickly drown. Additionally, you can combine soap with water for an even more effective killing method for fleas. When you combine certain smells, such as citrus, it will prevent fleas from settling into your carpets or even laying their eggs in your home. The fact is that when you use water to kill fleas in your home, it is a holistic method, which does not create toxicity in or around your pet, children or home.

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Use the following tips to eliminate a flea problem in your home with water.

Tip: The use of Light and Water

Move your pet’s bed near and electrical outlet and plug in a nightlight. Place a pan of water directly beneath the light. When a flea jumps toward the light from your pet or pet’s bedding, it will fall into the pan and quickly drown.

Tip: Wash

Wash your pet and your pet’s bedding with hot soapy water in order to eradicate any fleas or larvae that are present in the coat of your pet or in your pet’s bedding. When you bathe your pet be sure to first lather their neck with the soap. This is one of the most common areas for fleas to congregate on your pet. You should allow the lather to sit on your pet for approximately 10 minutes for superior killing material. Once you are finished washing your pet, submerge the animal’s entire body into water, which will help to drown any remaining fleas.

Tip: Clean the Floors

Use a citrus or lemon detergent mixed with water to clean your baseboards and floors. Fleas are repelled by this smell, which will work to keep them at bay.

Fleas are a pest, however a problem that must be dealt with if you own pets. Opt for an alternative method of eradicating the problem with water, rather than turning to harsh and often dangerous chemicals and pesticides.

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