Can You See Flea Eggs

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Were you aware that the fleas that are seen on your pet only make up about five percent of the total flea population that is in your home? There is no question that fleas are annoying and can often be hard to kill. However, they can also be dangerous, due to the fact that each time they bite your pet it leads to the animal itching and potentially causing an infection, hot spot or allergy dermatitis. Additionally, if the fleas are swallowed by your animal when they are licking or scratching themselves, it can cause a tapeworm.

Even when it is cold outside it does not protect your animal from fleas. The warm temperatures in your home are enough to harbor flea growth on your pet. This is why it is essential to not only treat your home regularly, but also understand the flea lifecycle and how to combat them at every stage.

Finding Flea Eggs

There is no question that half the battle is killing adult fleas, and the other half is killing the eggs. There are many fogs and bombs that will leave live eggs behind that will only increase the problem that you have. So, what is the secret to finding and eliminating flea eggs? Since they are virtually invisible to the naked eye, you should know where to look for them. This will help you clean and eliminate the problem without having to worry about actually locating the eggs visually. Some of the most common places that you will find flea eggs include:

  • Your pets fur;
  • Where your pet sleeps;
  • In shaded or damp corners;
  • In carpet.
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Each of these environments provides the proper environment for flea eggs to hatch and continue the lifecycle, which will only increase the problem that you are experiencing.

Therefore if you take time to wash your pet and their bedding, vacuum and sweep your floors and wash your baseboards, you can easily eliminate these virtually invisible eggs.

This will safeguard your home, pet and yourself from these pests, which can become uncontrollable if left untreated. The fact is that if you do think the problem has become out of hand, you can hire professional services to help remove them from your home. Fleas are an unwelcome guest for humans and pets, which is why you should take action right away, at the first noticed intruder. This will help you to stop the problem before it gets in full swing.

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