Cats And Onions

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There is no question that most people love onions, and there are plenty of different dishes that offer this tasty garnish. However, you must keep in mind, that just because you love the way an onion tastes, it can be extremely dangerous to your cat.

Onions contain thiosulphate, which is an ingredient that is toxic to cats when consumed. When onion is ingested by a cat it will cause a medical condition that is known as hemolytic anemia. This is characterized by an extensive amount of damage to the cat’s red blood cells. The toxicity in onions may cause the red blood cells that are circulating in your cat’s body to actually burst.

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Some symptoms that will give you a clue that your pet may have ingested an onion include lethargy, vomiting, breathlessness and diarrhea. Additionally, you cat may completely lose interest in other types of food due to this poisoning. It is also important to know that the symptoms of this poisoning may not show up right away. In fact it can take from two to four days after consumed to notice symptoms of onion poisoning.

It does not matter what type of onion your cat consumers, raw or cooked, it can be dangerous to your cat. The fact is that it actually takes a very small amount of onion to cause serious consequences for your cat. A consumption of only 5 g/kg of an onion in your cat can produce significant hematologic changes. If you ever suspect that your cat has consumed any onion, it is important to call your veterinarian right away.

Foods to Avoid

Keep in mind, onions that are in other types of prepared foods are just as dangerous as onions in their raw form. It is important to consider if the following foods have onion prior to feeding it to your pet:

  • Tomato sauce
  • Pizza
  • Certain types of baby foods
  • Chinese foods

If you ever suspect that your cat has consumed any type of onion, it is important that you call your veterinarian right away. While the condition is able to be treated, you must seek medical attention as soon as you know your cat has eaten onion. If the condition is left untreated for an extended period of time, it can require significant time in the animal hospital, as well as a blood transfusion.

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