Do Fleas Die In Cold Weather

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The Effects of Cold Weather on Fleas

There is no question that fleas are annoying pests. They can cause you, your pets and any other host person or animal to itch and scratch, and in some cases cause a significant illness. There are many pet owners that hope as the cold weather approaches, it will eliminate some of the fleas. While cold weather can kill some fleas, it will not completely eradicate the problem.

In some cases an adult flea will die if it is exposed to temperatures that reach below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if the fleas are sheltered from the cold, they will not be killed. Additionally, a flea that is a pupa, larva or in a cocoon can survive any stage of winter and cold weather, which means that you will have more fleas, come spring. You should not use cold temperatures as a reliable flea control method, as it is not a sure thing.

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Active Months

Most flea problems and infestations are seen in the spring and fall. The flea thrives in climates that are humid and that have temperatures from 65 up to 80 degrees. An adult flea will typically die in colder or freezing temperatures, and the offspring of these fleas will remain dormant until warmer weather arrives. Any weather that is too dry, hot or cold will cause the fleas to be less active, which often misleads individuals into thinking that the fleas have left the area or that they are dead. When a flea is indoors, it can survive year round as they are protected from extreme temperatures.

The Solution

Since fleas can survive indoors due to the sheltered environment, you should treat fleas as a year round problem. A recent study has shown that simply by vacuuming, you can eliminate up to 90 percent of the adult fleas that are in your home. Keep in mind, when you vacuum an area where fleas are present, you must immediately empty the vacuum as the eggs can hatch inside the device. Also, in order to survive fleas need to have a source of moisture. When you apply a desiccant to your carpets it will dehydrate all of the fleas that are present. This will actually kill fleas, as well as other pests that are in your home, and eliminate the problem year round inside your home.

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