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Like all parasites, fleas do not come and go one at a time; where a single flea might be found on your cat’s coat, dozens or hundreds more are likely lingering in the surrounding area. There are many ways of dealing with fleas, but the first step is always knowing where to look for them. For those clinging to your cat and giving it nasty bites, a popular option is the use of flea drops.

What Are Flea Drops?

Also known as spot-ons, they come in the form of a packet filled with oily liquid. Once you’ve identified the main target area for fleas – often the back of the beck or the tail [1] – trickle a few droplets directly onto your pet’s skin. The solution will slowly work its way around the whole of the affected area and seep into the fatty layer just beneath the skin.

How Do They Work?

Once the medicine is absorbed by the skin, it sits in place for a period of time until the fleas come calling. The liquid contains an insecticide potent enough to paralyze and kill any fleas whose bite breaks the skin; that’s to say, any flea which bites at all. As well as short-circuiting the nervous system of any adult fleas, some spot-ons also inhibit the growth of eggs.

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Suggested Products

  • Frontline Spot-On For Cats is a favorable option. It should kill off any adult fleas in the target area within 24-hours and comes with six packs in case of recurrence
  • This Frontline Spot-On last for five weeks and reputedly will prevent re-infestation for up to a month, as well as killing off 98-100% of existing fleas within a day
  • Possibly the most rigorous flea drop on the market, the Advantage 80mg Spot-On Solution promises to kill 100% of fleas within 12 hours, as well as 100% of re-infesting fleas within two. They offer an alternative solution for smaller cats

A Final Word

It’s important to remember that locating the fleas and applying a spot-on are only the first two steps of eradicating an infestation. Take the time to clean your pet’s bedding and vacuum any carpets [2] they might have trod across. Also remember that before purchasing any spot-ons or anti-flea treatments, consult with your veterinarian. Spot-ons are poisons: while not usually harmful to you or your pet, the misuse of the wrong substance could end in ill-health.


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