Flea Spray For Yard

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The first time you become aware that you have fleas in your yard might be the unfortunate day that your pet dog or cat begins itching, or you spot tiny insects on your floor in your house. It is not enough to simply buy flea medication for your pets or vacuum the floor; you also have to treat the problem at its source: outside. Using flea spray on your yard can go a long way to successfully eliminate your flea problem and prevent the fleas from coming back into your house or in contact with your pets.

Why Use a Flea Spray for Your Yard?

Purchasing a flea spray for the yard is essential because if you do not treat every infested area, all of your efforts will be useless once your pets go outside. This is especially important for dogs who are notorious for exploring particularly damp and shaded areas, where fleas love to habitate. Cats who do not stay inside will also explore these flea-ridden areas and bring fleas inside, so whatever pet you own make sure to treat the flea problem using a multi-method approach. Definitely keep maintaining flea shampoos, carpet cleaning and making sure your animals wear adequate flea collars. But adding a flea spray for the yard will make sure you really eliminate your flea problem for good. Good flea sprays kill on contact and prevent fleas from coming back without damaging your yard so you don’t have to worry about possible grass damage or residues.

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There are many types of flea sprays designed for use in your yard. They are widely available at many retailers, big box stores, and online. One of the most popular brands of flea spray for the yard is the Virbac Yard Spray. This is an insecticide that kills fleas and ticks on contact when sprayed on your yard. The Virbac yard spray is sold in concentrated bottles that are then diluted. For example, Virbac requires one ounce per gallon of water. There are many other flea sprays that work well to kill fleas, such as Ortho Bug-B-Gon MAX Lawn & Garden Insect Killer, which kills many insects in addition to fleas and works for many weeks.

Natural Flea Spray

You may prefer one of the natural flea sprays on the market. One of the most popular natural flea spray is Natural Chemistry’s Natural Yard & Kennel Flea Spray, which requires attachment to a garden hose. This product is a more natural alternative to other brands that can contain toxic ingredients. It may also be safer for your outdoor pets.

How Do I Use Flea Spray for My Yard?

Before using a flea spray for the yard, make sure you exercise caution with all treatments by utilizing gloves and goggles. Also, be sure to keep your pets inside because some flea sprays contain ingredients that can be toxic. As with most treatments, only use the flea spray as directed. Some flea sprays may require the use of your garden hose or you may need to purchase a spray bottle in order to use them. Most flea spray concentrates will be able to cover 1000 square feet per ounce, which is diluted with 1 gallon of water. The ready-mixed sprays will often specify the coverage on the product. You should also clean up the yard to remove any areas fleas like to live, like piles of leaves or dead shrubs. By adding a flea spray for the yard you should see a reduction in fleas and with some persistence, no more fleas biting your pets, hiding in your home or infesting your yard.

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