Garlic For Fleas

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Many people will recommend garlic for treatment of fleas in cats and dogs, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of evidence regarding its effectiveness. Others have also heard that it can be bad for their cats and dogs. So which is it? In this article, we’ll try to address each of these questions.

Does Garlic Kill Fleas?

Garlic is not supposed to kill fleas, but some have said that it works to repel them. If you have these creatures living in your house you may want to try garlic oil or the actual garlic cloves. Other than this anecdotal evidence from those who swear by it, there does not seem to be any hard scientific evidence that it actually works.

Garlic For Fleas_fleacures

Is Garlic Safe for Cats and Dogs?

While small amounts of garlic can be okay for cats and dogs, larger amounts can damage red blood cells. Both cats and dogs are sensitive to garlic, but cats are especially susceptible to damage. The amount of garlic that can cause damage is different from pet to pet, so it is impossible to know how much is too much. For this reason and the lack of evidence supporting its effectiveness, I don’t think trying to treat fleas with garlic is worth the risk.

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