How Big Are Flea Eggs

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If you own pets, chances are you have experienced fleas at some point or another. The reproductive cycle of a flea resembles the reproductive cycle of the butterfly. However, one female flea can lay up to 500 eggs a month, which means that a small flea problem can quickly evolve into a full-fledged infestation.

So, now you need to learn how you can identify these flea eggs. Remember when it comes to fleas, prevention is your best method to limit the flea problems you have.

A flea is a reddish brown pest that can be seen in the fur of your pet, as well as in your home and yard. Fleas can jump up to six feet in the air and easily transfer from place to place. However, when it is time to lay eggs, the flea will return to the animal’s fur. These eggs will drop off of the pet and land in areas where you’re pet often lays or goes.

How Big Are Flea Eggs

Flea eggs are hard to see with the naked eye, however when you begin looking for them they will appear to be either white or translucent. They will typically be found in groups and in dark of shaded areas. If your dog sleeps on a bed, chances are you will find a large amount of flea eggs located there.

The flea egg is smaller than a pin head, which is why they are hard to spot with the naked eye. Measuring less than 0.05 millimeters the eggs will be much easier to locate if you use a magnifying glass. The flea egg will hatch in one to 12 days from when it was laid, depending on the environment where it was laid.

Since the eggs are so small, it is a good idea to wash your pet, their bedding and clean your floor on a regular basis. This will help to eradicate the problem and help to reduce and eventually eliminate the flea problem.

Considering the size of the egg, you may need to enlist professional help in order to find where the eggs reside. Remember, it is smart to eliminate the eggs; however you also must take steps to eliminate the adult fleas, as well. This will ensure that you can eliminate the problem completely. You must be sure to continue to wash and clean your home to prevent the fleas from returning.

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