Vacuuming Fleas

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Fleas are irritating to pets and people living in a home. One easy thing that you can do to stop the flea life cycle is to vacuum. Yes. Vacuum; you know that chore you are supposed to do every other day or so? Believe it or not, vacuuming removes adult fleas and their eggs. No matter what kind of vacuum you have, canister, bag, or bagless, fleas have virtually no way to survive this “one way trip”. This information comes from a study done at the University of Ohio in 2007 that was verified 6 times. Scientists theorize that the powerful air and brushes remove a protective coating on fleas. Thus, even if they do not die right way, they will die soon because they are no longer able to stay hydrated. Yes, it may sound brutal, but think of the brutality fleas cause you and your pets.

Here are some more fun facts about vacuuming away fleas:

  • Vacuuming is about 96% effective. Wow! Not too many things in life are this good. And assuming your household owns a vacuum, there are no out of pocket costs. Cheap and effective. What a win-win!
  • Vacuuming works on all flea stages: No matter whether there are eggs, larvae or adults, suction is not a flea’s friend.
  • Vacuum, Vacuum Everywhere! Be sure to concentrate your whirlwind cleaning efforts on dog and cat bedding, pillows, under and between couch cushions, baseboards, under tables where dogs or cats may like to sleep etc. In short, if your dog or cat has been there, vacuum it. This includes your car, and outdoor carpets. But no, do NOT vacuum the dog or cat!!!
  • Use an insecticide along with the vacuum: When a vacuum moves along the carpet, the brushes raise the nap so that powders and spray insecticides can get down deep to kill even more of 5% left of die-hard vermin. If you are not against insecticides, and it is safe for your pets, you can add this to the metaphorical A-bomb you are creating with the vacuum.

Flea infestation is serious as well as annoying. You can take charge and win the battle. So map out your battle plan, move that furniture and let the flea genocide begin! Just remember to dump the content of the bag or canister into a plastic bag, secure tightly and discard immediately.

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