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Veterinarians that are able to blog can give a unique insight into the profession. From students in vet school to practicing professionals, the following bloggers cover pretty much all aspects of the veterinary life.

This list is not meant to be a ranking, but rather a single place where one can find a complete list of active and high quality veterinary bloggers. My intent is to continually maintain this list. If you know of any other veterinarian bloggers that should be included, please recommend them in the comments! We’ll summarize their blog and add them to this list.

Practicing Veterinarians

Andy Mathis

Andy Mathis (

Dr. Andy Mathis is a veterinarian who has been blogging about animals since May 2005. He writes a lot about the numerous pets that he shelters, as well as his experience in treating animals in his medical practice, Granite Hills Animal Care. For readers who want easier access to his practice, they can download the application under the same name on iTunes. Besides blogging, he also publishes a monthly magazine –also on iTunes– called Shelter Pet Magazine, which is dedicated to finding homes for homeless pets and increasing public awareness about shelter and rescue pets. The doctor enjoys painting on his spare time and is a proud member of Georgia Watercolor Society.

Andy Roark

Dr. Andy Roark (

Dr. Andy Roark is a practicing veterinarian, acclaimed author, speaker, and consultant. His website,, is a platform where he gathers all of his works in an easily accessible format. As a veterinarian, he currently practices at Cleveland Park Animal Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. When he is not practicing, he regularly writes for DVM360,, and Veterinary Team Brief. He often gives speaking engagements to fellow veterinarians, managers, and other professionals involved in the veterinary industry. The doctor also owns a consulting firm helping veterinary companies and non-profit organizations to break into the veterinary market. Dr. Roark was recently named, as one of the 25 veterinarians to watch in 2013.

Arnold Plotnick

Cat Expert (

Dr. Arnold Plotnick shares his life experience as an expert in the field of feline veterinary medicine using his aptly named blog, He owns a feline-only hospital named Manhattan Cat Specialists in the Upper West Side of New York City, where he has been practicing for the last decade. His cat hospital also provides adoption service to help homeless cats find homes. Besides giving professional help at his practice, he also does house calls and in-home veterinary services for people who can’t bring their cats in. With over 30 years of experience as a veterinarian and feline specialist, Dr. Arnold Plotnick strives to provide the best feline care to all New Yorkers.

Chantal Acosta

NYC Pet Advice (

Chantal Acosta is a New York City veterinarian who has been practicing for over 10 years. Her blog was created in September 2012 through her passion in helping her clients and giving them expert advice on their pets. She regularly answers questions from her blog readers here, ranging from the usual pet care, pet business proposal, to pet insurance partnership. She also posts numerous helpful articles about pet health, such as the importance of an annual exam for both cats and dogs, and the crucial questions to ask your vets on said occasion. Readers can access a FAQs tab on the blog to look for her advice on pet food.

Chris Bern

A Vet’s Guide to Life (

Dr. Chris Bern found his life calling to be a veterinarian when he was 9 years old. He got his first job at fourteen working at a vet clinic. Since then, he has graduated from Vet School at North Carolina State and earned a Master Degree. He has been practicing as a veterinarian for almost 16 years now. He writes about life as a veterinarian on his blog,, and also posts the routine of surgeries that he has done at his practice, complete with pictures and detailed descriptions. He welcomes readers’ questions regarding their pets, which they can post on the blog or send to his email.

Dean Scott

Funny Vet (

Dr. Dean Scott shows a whimsical side of the serious veterinary profession through his blog, Here, readers can peruse Dr. Scott’s numerous cartoons depicting human and animal interaction in funny situations, such as the most viewed piece on the blog, “Coughing Dog.” They can also order his artwork, buy his books, and even hire the doctor himself to perform comedic presentations at parties or conventions. The doctor founded the blog as a platform to provide some humor to his job and exchange a chuckle or two with other people. Besides moonlighting as a comedian and artist, he still utilizes his hard-earned knowledge in treating sick animals at his private practice in Florida.

Debra Garrison

Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic (

Readers can find numerous news stories about pets from across the country in United Stated posted in the blog, ranging from a dog saving a cat, to the dog-friendly cemetery in Arlington. Articles such as how to protect your pets when a natural disaster strikes, and the solution to get rid of the smell left by a skunk, are also some of the 1000+ available pieces written by veterinarians. Dr. Debra Garrison, a spring veterinarian, is the owner of the blog as well as the head of Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic. She practices veterinary medicine and surgery at her clinic, which also offers home dental care for pets.

Donn Griffith

Animal Medical & Emergency Hospital (

Dr. Griffith gives his expert advice and insights in working as a veterinarian on his blog, deriving from his almost 40 years of experience in the field. He has a doctorate in veterinary medicine and a master degree in zoo preventive medicine. Since 1970, he has acted as the owner and director of the Animal Medical & Emergency in Dublin, Ohio. He was elected for the same role at Ohio Holistic Veterinary in 1985. Dr. Griffith spends most of his time operating Animal Medical & Emergency Hospital and Ohio Holistic Veterinary Hospital in Central Ohio. He makes several trips each year, as time allows, to West Yellowstone, Montana, where he enjoys the wildlife and scenery while serving the clients and pets who live in the area and/or those who travel through the Yellowstone area.

Elliott Garber

The Uncommon Veterinarian (

Elliot Garber is a veterinarian with degrees in veterinary medicine, public health, and comparative medical sciences. He started his blog,, to help people who are thinking of a career in veterinary medicine or considering a career change to the said field. Readers can find practical advice and step-by-step directions on getting through school and landing the dream job as a veterinarian. There are also abundant postings about how to score internships, scholarships, and research grants, by using the tactics developed from Elliot’s personal experiences. Besides practicing as a veterinarian, he has also written for medical journals and worked a stint as an army officer.

Ernest Ward

Dr. Ernie Ward (

Dr. Ernie Ward has spent a greater part of his life practicing and lecturing on better care for dogs and cats, earning him the title as “America’s Pet Advocate.” He is also an accomplished author, having written three books about dog obesity and nutrition, and has contributed to no less than 55 veterinary journals. He is the founder and chief-of-staff at Seaside Animal Care in Calabash, North Carolina. In 2005, Dr. Ward established the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention to raise public awareness about the danger of obesity in cats and dogs. He is famous as the resident veterinarian in the Rachael Ray Show, a position that he has held since 2007.

Greg Magnusson

The Hardest Working Vet Blog in Indianapolis (

The tagline of “The Hardest Working Vet Blog in Indianapolis” will greet anybody who opens the blog of “Leo’s Pet Care”, an award-winning veterinary clinic in the intersection of Carmel and Indianapolis. The man behind Leo’s Pet Care, Dr. Greg Magnusson, writes about pet diets and pet health on the blog and also acts as the chief-of-staff in the clinic. Dr. Magnusson is not the only contributor to the blog; there are also a couple of expert guests that he had invited to write for the readers. Readers can join the 5,877 followers of the blog by listing their e-mail on it, and get the latest information on pet care by the doctor himself.

Greg Martinez

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet (

Dr. Greg Martinez has been a vet for over 30 years and found success in curing chronic medical problems in pets by changing their diets. He has published two books about nutritional medicine for dogs in 2011 and 2012, which can be ordered from his website, Dr. Martinez writes on his website about the right combination of food to cure illnesses, the medication to cure certain ailments, and also the repercussions of giving the wrong treats to pets, by using sample cases from his own professional experiences. Readers can subscribe to Greg’s e-mail listing to get latest postings, or follow Greg’s Twitter account to interact with him.

Jack Bregman

Bregman Veterinary Group ( houses the services of the three generations of Bergman working as veterinarians in New York – Dr. Jack Bregman, Dr. Eric Bregman, and Dr. Allan Bregman. Readers of the blog will have access to all pet-related articles, ranging from the issue of pet care to the news of airport dogs providing therapy for visitors. They can also order prescription drugs from the blog and check out the services provided by the Bergman Veterinary Group, under The Car Hospital, Midbrook Animal Hospital, 5th Avenue Cat Clinic, Paws & Claws Veterinary Hospital, and Hillside Equine Services tabs. Whatever the need of your pet is, the Bergman Veterinary Group will have you covered.

Janet Tobiassen

About Vet Med (

Janet Tobiassen had been writing about veterinary medicine for over a decade on when she decided to establish her own blog, A member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association, she specializes in small animals and has practiced on both sides of the coast in United States. Her blog is a far cry from her section on, in which she writes about many serious topics pertaining to the world of veterinary medicine. Readers will find a lot of funny stories, complete with pictures and memes, about Janet’s farm animals, pets, and life in the farm itself, in the blog.

Jean Hofye

Little Big Cat (

Little Big Cat was founded by a holistic veterinarian and author, Dr. Jean Hofye, together with Animal Planet star and host, Jackson Galaxy. Both of them desire a place to help cats find homes before joining shelters, and educate cat owners on holistic feline health, nutrition, and behavior. As the result, the blog was born in July 2009. Here, Dr. Jean Hofye imparts her wisdom in treating cats using a more holistic approach, such as using flowers essence remedies to cure cat ailments and unmanageable behavior. Readers can access articles written by Dr. Jean Hofye about feline care and diet, and consult with Jackson Galaxy on cat behavior problems.

Jerry Haigh

Wildlife Vet, Author, Storyteller (

Jerry Haigh is not your typical veterinarian. He is a wildlife veterinarian and story teller, whose works have taken him around the world to work on animals many veterinarians can only dream about. From checking the lungs and heart of a lion in Namibia to working on polar bears in Canada, readers will be regaled with stories as fine as the writing itself. Jerry uses his blog to spread global awareness on grave issues affecting endangered animals in the world, such as the prevalent poaching of rhino horns and elephant ivory in China. He has published three books recounting his life journey of working as a wildlife veterinarian, which are available to order from his website.

Jessica Vogelsang

Pawcurious (

Her witty writings, sharp mind, and energetic persona have made her a household name in the veterinarian world, especially in the web. A graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. V — as she is better known– started her award-winning blog,, to share her love of the canine and feline species with other pet lovers. She regularly posts about her family, life, and pets, as well as other important news on the developing world of veterinary medicine. Readers can enter Dr. V’s giveaways, download a free paw-curean e-cookbook, and shop for their pets on the blog. Dr. Vogelsang has also contributed writings in many national publications and given speaking sessions around the country.

Kristen Nelson

Dr. Nelson’s Veterinary Blog (

Dr. Kristen Nelson developed a deep appreciation and affection toward animals when she was growing up on her family farm in Minnesota. Her dream of becoming veterinarian came true when she received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Minnesota. She has been working ever since as a veterinarian in Scottsdale, Arizona, in addition to writing articles, and giving speaking sessions across the country. Her blog,, was founded as a platform for readers, to ask pet-related issues to the doctor, participate in diagnosing games, and access health articles on pet care. There are also accounts of the real pet cases for those are interested in reading further.

Lisa A. Pierson

Cat Info ( is a blog born out of Dr. Lisa A. Pierson’s passion of proper feline nutrition and care, combined with her medical expertise in feline medicine. Information in the blog is categorized into three main areas: feline nutrition, feline health, and feline rescue. Readers can easily find the information that they need without having to go through the entire blog as it is already grouped together according to subject. There is also an article on the front page about the basics of feline nutrition, which is downloadable from the blog and comes in three languages — French, Swedish, and Chinese.

Lorie Huston

Pet Health Care Gazette (

Pet Health Care Gazette is a publication about the care, health, and nutrition aspects of cats, dogs, exotic pets, and horses. Founded in 2006 by Lorie Huston — a senior veterinarian with over 20 years of experience — it features articles on a diverse range of topics, such as the way to deal with the grief of losing one’s pet, the pros and cons of feeding dogs with grains, and the human-and-pet relationship dynamic. Readers can donate to the cause of their likes, buy pet supplies, as well as advertise on the blog. Besides Pet Health Care Gazette, Dr. Huston also writes for the Canine Health Corner and the Feline Health Care Corner.

Mark Peterson

Insights into Veterinary Endocrinology ( is a blog founded by Dr. Mark Peterson that exclusively caters to groups of veterinarians and veterinary technician. Posts in the blog are divided into three major categories: insights into specific hormone issues, a Q&A section to deal with questions from the other veterinarians, and personal reviews of current endocrine publications. They are heavy with medical jargon, which might make them difficult to understand. That is why Dr. Peterson also made another blog,, for pet owners who want his expert advice on cats and dogs. Dr. Mark Peterson practices at Animal Endocrine Clinic, specializing in nuclear imaging for animals, outpatient endocrinology treatment for cats and dogs, and radioiodine treatment for cats.

Sharon Ostermann

Sharon Ostermann (

In 2006 Sharon Ostermann graduated from Pomona College with a B.A. in Psychology. After graduation she began volunteering at her local Humane Society while working full-time in the field of psychology. In 2007, feeling she had chosen the wrong career path, Sharon left psychology behind to pursue a career in her true calling, veterinary care. Sharon began blogging in 2009 to help other future veterinarians get a realistic glimpse of what it’s like to be a veterinary student. After graduating, Sharon’s blog shifted to informative posts on a variety of subjects that could be useful to both students and other professionals in the veterinary field. Her knowledge makes her blogs educational, and her love of animals makes them endearing.

Rebecca Tudor

Catalyst Vets ( is a blogging community where veterinarians come to share their experience and knowledge. One of its main goals is to remind those in the field of the passion that drove them to veterinarian medicine in the first place. hopes to aid other vets in dealing with the day-to-day pressures of their chosen field. Experienced veterinarians post on the website to help others build an animal hospital environment that has a happy staff as well as a happy patients list. is the perfect place for anyone who is in the field of animal care.

Mikkel Bekker

Mikkel Bekker (

As the daughter of “America’s Veterinarian” Dr. Marty Becker, Mikkel Bekker grew up living a life surrounded by animals. So it is no wonder when she chose to follow in the footsteps of her father a couple of decades later. She graduated with honors from the Academy for Dog Trainers at San Francisco and finished the DOGS! course at Purdue University. Mikkel works as a private dog trainer and canine evaluator for Washington State. She also writes for publications such as Parade Magazine, Cat Fancy magazine and At, she contributes her writings about dogs with topics ranging from playing sports with them to managing their behaviors.

Nancy Kay

Life + Pet Blog (

Founded in December 2012, has more than 245 articles on pets for readers to choose from; categorized into birds, cats, dogs, small mammals, and exotics. Nancy Kay, the figure behind the blog, wrote most of them, although she also features guest posts from time to time. She is an author, recipient of numerous awards, and veterinarian with a degree from American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. In her blog, there are competitions for pet owners to join, and also causes for them to support. is an advocate of AAHA, the only international association that accredits animal hospitals in United States and Canada.

Patrick Mahaney

Dr. Patrick Mahaney (

Dr. Patrick Mahaney is a celebrity in the world of veterinary medicine. He provides holistic veterinary medical consultations in his clients’ Los Angeles-area homes, at the Veterinary Cancer Group (Culver City, California), and on TV. His website,, documents his life as a veterinarian as well as his works and writings. Readers can also find examples of his preferred pet products, such as human-grade foods, premium dietary supplements, and humane training devices. In addition to being called in by Jackson Galaxy to provide veterinary services on Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell (Seasons 2-4), Dr. Mahaney is in the process of developing a program showing the contrast between his house call practice and his international philanthropic work.

Patty Khuly

Dr. Patty Khuly (

Miami, Florida is where Dr. Patty Khuly is currently holed up doing veterinarian work and performing blogging tasks. She has been doing the latter job for almost eight years now, after finding a place in Daily Vet and Fully Vetted. Now, she also writes for as a columnist, having her own section that is filled mostly with canine stories and veterinarian advice. Dr. Khuly earned a BA from Wellesley College, a veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. When she is not writing or practicing veterinary medicine, she spends her time going to the gym, reading books, or cooking and eating.

Pete Wedderburn

Pete The Vet (

In his blog,, readers can find transcripts and videos of Dr. Pete Wedderburn doing the radio show and TV appearances; from the Mooney Show, to Newstalk, to TV3. Dr. Wedderburn also uploads his weekly column on the Daily Telegraph to his blog regularly, so readers will have easy access to all his works from different mediums. If readers want to ask him questions, they can do so by reaching him through his blog, or his column in the Daily Telegraph. The doctor graduated from Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1985, and has been giving high quality information, as a speaker and author, to pet owners for about 30 years now.

Peter Dobias

Dr. Peter Dobias (

Dr. Peter Dobias does his trade in the field of pet nutrition, advocating the importance of wholesome food and the danger of hidden metal elements in pet food. He uses his blog as a platform to spread his cause of healthy food and share success stories from pets that he had cured by changing their diets. Readers can access and download articles, videos, and podcasts, which are written and recorded by Dr. Dobias himself. If they are interested in his healing products, they can also order the products here. He believes in providing practical experience in conventional and holistic veterinary medicine, and leading dogs to have a healthy lifestyle.


Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association ( is a blog sponsored by the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association, Pennsylvania’s only statewide veterinary organization. The group represents more than 2,400 veterinarians and 500 veterinary students from Pennsylvania, some of whom contributed to the content of this blog. There are articles about raising the awareness of adopting shelter cat, expert tips to avoid being bitten by dogs, as well as photo contests for dogs. Started in February 2012, the blog was founded with the purpose of showing the broad spectrum of veterinary medicine to the public that it is not only about pet care, but also includes research, public health, food medicine, and many more.


Dr. Rayya’s Online Veterinary Journal (

Dr. Rayya T-Malaeb is one of Australia’s most well-known veterinarians in the web. Her blog,, won the prestigious International Fund for Animal Welfare Action Award in 2012 for her dedication to animal welfare. She uses her blog to inform and educate readers on a diverse range of animal welfare issues, such as by giving out tips on pet care and sharing her personal stories with pets. Readers can keep up with Dr. Malaeb’s progress in practicing veterinarian medicine by checking her blog or joining the other 1,408 followers in her mailing list. She founded her blog to create a common interface between pet lovers and veterinarians in the world. Also make sure to check out her awesome facebook page, where she posts pictures of many of her patients.

Scott Weese/Maureen Anderson

Worms and Germs (

Dr. Scoot Weese and Maureen Anderson are the driving forces behind, an educational website focusing on the topic of infectious diseases in companion animals, such as pets and horses. Readers can specifically learn about how certain diseases from animals can be transmitted to people, which are called zoonotic diseases. Information sheets about safe pet ownerships and types of zoonotic diseases are listed orderly on the website, allowing readers to access them easily. Articles on the website are written by both founders, with topics ranging from emergency protocol for contagious diseases in horse shows to equine infectious anemia. Topics for the articles mostly come from the public, as well as from other veterinarians and public health advocates.

Shawn Finch

Riley and James (

Open and you will greeted by a cartoon image on the website header, which shows two dogs whose names are Riley and James lying around. They are the dogs of Dr. Shawn Finch, who owns one of the longest running blogs about pets and veterinary medicine on the internet. Founded since September 2006, the blog is filled with articles about Dr. Finch’s life, surgery cases, and funny pet stories. Dr. Shawn Finch got her veterinary medicine degree from the Iowa State University and has been practicing since 1998. Besides her blog, she also writes in CareFresh, a business that makes small pet products, and Life with Dogs.

Skept Vet

Skept Vet (

Dr. Brennen McKenzie uses the alias of Skept Vet to write in his accordingly named blog, The topics of his writings mostly revolve around the two approaches of veterinary medicine: holistic and science-based. Besides veterinary medicine, he also writes a lot on the topic of law, regulation, and politic of veterinary practices. But, buried under the piles of serious writings in his blog, readers can find the other side of Dr. Brennen McKenzie in his humorous posting, with topics along the way of veterinary medicine and funny medical practices. Dr. McKenzie earned his magna cum laude degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sophia Yin

Dr. Sophia Yin (

The clean interface of Dr. Sophia Yin’s blog makes the practice of navigating her blog easier and faster. Topics are listed on the left hand side according to their natures. They are split into four major categories: animals, medical, behavior, and other. There is also a search box on the upper left part of the blog, for people who can’t find the information they want under the categories widget. Dr. Yin writes about veterinary medicine and animal behavior issues in her blog, sometimes using medical journals of other veterinarians as resources. She has a Masters Degree in Animal Behavior from UC Davis, as well as a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of California.

Susan Little

Feline Vet ( is where readers can follow the seminar schedule of Dr. Susan Little, read her scientific articles, and download her lecture notes. In her blog, Dr. Little also posts announcements of grants in feline medicine, reviews of veterinary journals about cats, and interviews with other cat veterinarians. She received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guleph, and her BSc from Dalhousie University in Ontario, Canada. Dr. Little has been in feline practice for almost 23 years now and is the owner of two feline specialty practices in Ottawa, Canada. Besides working as a cat veterinarian, she also co-authors one textbook and gives out consultation advice at Veterinary Information Network.


Journey of an ER Veterinarian (

A mysterious ER veterinarian blogs at under the pseudonym of ERDOC. Identified as a woman, she chronicles her journey of working as an ER veterinarian — the ups and downs and the funny stories in between – in her blog she founded back in February 2011. Her blogging purpose is not solely to dole out medical advice, but mostly to share stories and inspire her blog readers. ERDOC has always wanted to be a veterinarian ever since she was little. Combined with her passion in emergency medicine, she got a job working as an ER veterinarian, a profession that provides her with many joys as well as stresses.

Fiona Richardson

Four Paws and Whiskers (

Fiona Richardson founded in September 2008 to share her stories living in Christ Church, New Zealand while working as a veterinary surgeon and teacher. She has been a veterinarian for almost 30 years now and has spent the last 10 years of them teaching veterinarian nurses. Fiona writes a lot about her dog, Poppy, and the frequent earthquakes happening in Christ Church. Her blog has been awarded the One-Minute Writer Award in 2008, as well as a Fantastic Blog Award. Readers can peruse the pictures used in her blog in her Picasa account and search for certain topics in her blog by using the search box.


Claws Paws and Scales (

Karin holds a Bachelors Degree in Organismic Biology and is currently studying for a degree in veterinary medicine at the Washington State University. She began blogging at in February 2010 when she was still an undergraduate in her hometown. Her habit has continued until today. Karin’s blog is full of her life stories together with Tyler, her husband, and her doberman dog, Skwissgaar. Besides using her blog as a place to tell her life stories, Karin also employs it to sell veterinarian school books, supplies, pet foods, pet grooming utilities, pet toys, and medical instruments, among others.

Ann Hohenhaus

Fur the Love of Pets (

Dr. Ann Hohenhaus has quite a number of interesting pet-related articles on her blog, Topics such as harmful bugs for pets, danger of household cleaning supplies for pets, and pet toxicity are only a few out of the hundreds of titles in the blog. Readers can subscribe to Dr. Hohenhaus’ mailing list to get the latest information on pets delivered straight to their email inboxes, as well as commenting on her blog posts. Dr. Hohenhaus got her veterinary medicine degree from Cornell University in 1985. She is a certified veterinary journalist and currently works as an expert blogger at WebMD Healthy Pets Community.

Allison Zwingenberger

Veterinary Radiology ( is the brainchild of Dr. Allison Zwingenberger, a veterinary radiologist at the University of California, Davis. She founded the website with the purpose of providing radiology students and clinicians with basic and advanced information on veterinary radiology. Readers can discuss, exchange, and contribute ideas to Dr. Zwingenberger’s website, as well as participate in diagnostic games that she holds regularly. She attended veterinarian school at the University of Guleph in Canada and finished her residency at the University of Pennsylvania. She has been board certified twice, by the American College of Veterinary Medicine and the European College of Veterinary Radiology. Dr. Zwingenberger enjoys travelling, reading, cooking, in her spare time.

Jennifer Koehl

VM Diva ( belongs to Dr. Jennifer Koehl, a small animal practicing veterinarian, who wants to provide information in an accessible package to her fellow veterinarians, veterinarian students, and pet owners. Dr. Koehl uses the blog to discuss and present cases that are relevant in the world of veterinary medicine today, as well as some highlights from the usual everyday cases. Readers can view photos of pet surgeries in her photo blog section, which is filled with high-resolution pictures of surgery cases done by Dr. Koehl herself. Dr. Jennifer Koehl currently resides at the northeastern part of the United States, where she does her practice and lives with her family and pets.

Andrew Jones

The Internet Pet Vet (

Dr. Andrew Jones practices the holistic approach of veterinary medicine by using natural remedies in curing cats’ and dogs’ health problems. Readers can learn from Dr. Jones’ articles about healthier and more natural food resources, steps to get rid of fleas in cats and dogs, and forbidden types of food for pets, among others. He provides a newsletter to update his readers constantly with the newest information in pet diet and health care, which they can get by subscribing to his email listing. Dr. Jones got his doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Saskatchewan and has written numerous publications about alternative remedies for pets.

NJ Veterinary Blog

NJ Veterinary Blog (

At, readers can access numerous pet health articles written by resident veterinarians from the three hospitals sponsoring the blog: OCVH, FVH, and NPVH. Names such as Dr. Kara Ruthberg, Dr. Zach Weiner, Dr. Jenna Koenigstein, and Dr. Lorri Mitchell appear frequently in the blog to contribute their writings on the topic of pet health. Their articles function to answer readers’ questions about their pet problems, as well as educate them about the critical issues in pet care and pet diseases. There are also non-related pet health articles that are posted to welcome new doctors in the three hospitals, give pet insurance recommendations, and announce seminars.

Pet Health Blogs

Alison Wood

Pet Hooligans (

Alison started blogging about pets on to share her love of the furry animals, big or small. Founded in May 2009, the blog has developed a devout group of pet lovers who are always looking for advice on their pets. features useful articles on the topic of pet care and pet health and has done numerous interviews with interesting figures in the pet world. Besides information, readers can also benefit from gifts in competitions and giveaways on the website. They can do other things on as well, such as exchanging information with fellow pet lovers on Pet Hooligan’s own networking site while shopping clothes for their pets.

Jana Rade

Dawg Business (

Jana Rade founded her blog,, based on her love for her Rottweiler dog named Jasmine, which sadly passed away on April this year. A self-described dog health advocate, she writes about her many dogs frequently and posts interesting articles on dog health and dog gadgets in her blog. She often features other dog owners to share their insights on dog-related issues, and dog shelters to help the puppies find homes. Readers who want to donate for better care of dogs can do so by clicking on the widgets on the blog, where they will also find other links to useful resources such as pet supplies and emergency helpline.

Veterinary Students


American Girl in London (

Ellie is an American studying to be a veterinarian at Royal Veterinary College in London. She started blogging about her life as an American student in the city of smoke back in May 2010. Her blog readers can follow four years worth of her journey there and get to know her better through her postings. Ellie writes a lot about her struggle with not getting enough rest as a pre-vet student, cramming hard lessons before the big day, and surviving long rotations in hospital. Other personal ramblings about issues happening in the States are also numerous in the blog, such as the topic of bad TV shows.


What Comes Next (

A blogger who only identifies herself as a farmer’s wife started her blog in May 2006 to record her life as struggling veterinarian student. Over the years, the blog has quickly grown to be her personal diary, displaying her progress from being a veterinarian student to becoming a mother and real veterinarian. The farmer’s wife is currently living in central Iowa, where she is working as a small animal veterinarian. She got her degree in veterinary medicine from Iowa State Veterinarian School, and had spent a couple of years in Boston before finally settling in Iowa. She married her farmer husband in August 2010 and has been living happily together with her son and dog.

Krissy Wood

Living My Dream – Becoming a Vet (

Another fellow vet-to-be to follow the steps of Dr. Jessica Vogelsang to graduate from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Krissy Wood is on her third year of veterinary education with hope of becoming an equine veterinarian. In 2010, she started her blog,, after being inspired by other interesting and life-changing blogs. She continuously updates her readers with useful information as a student studying in UC Davis, like the possible potential vet interview questions and the best volunteering places for pre-vet students. She also writes about her personal struggles and shares her experiences as a volunteer in numerous animal shelters, in California.

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